Avoid communications outside Atawall.com

To trade safely, you should communicate with other members through Atawall.com. This is especially important when the other party is not authenticated in Atawall.com.

Why you should avoid communicating with other members outside Atawall.com

We monitor and remove suspicious accounts regularly. When you communicate with another member whose account has being removed, you will be notified.
This is not possible if you communicate outside Atawall.com, for example, through your email, instant messaging, etc.

What you should do

Always communicate using the chat or negotiation on Atawall.com, especially with non-authenticated members. If you are contacted by anyone who claims that they know you through Atawall.com, always insist they contact you through Atawall.com.


And you can check their member profile page in Atawall.com for reference.


How Atawall.com creates a safer trading environment

Atawall creates a safer trading environment through various ways.

  1. Hand Review of Membership Applications
    Atawall requires new accounts to be reviewed and approved by our editors.
  2. Anti-Fraud
    co monitors, identifies, reviews and acts upon fraud or suspected fraud. Once suspected of fraud, account will be suspended from using Atawall.com.
  3. Authentication & Verification
    A service for  members to authenticate the legality of the member as a business entity. 
  4. Reviews
    A feedback system for members to rate one another after completing transactions. And reviews are shown in member profiles.


Safety Tips for Buyers

Ask About The Product

  1. Check seller's rating in his Atawall profile page.
  2. Avoid communicating outside Atawall.com.
  3. Do not rely solely on product pictures to gauge product quality. Ask questions on the product quality, grading, conditions, etc.
  4. Check with other competing sellers to see if the price is way below the market rate. Be careful if the price is too good to be true.
  5. Confirm Product authenticity. Ask for certificate of origin/proof if available.
  6. Ask about warranty, exchange and return policies.
  7. Ask for customer reference.
  8. Be careful when seller uses a different company to deal with you other than the one in Atawall.com.

Shipping Arrangement

  1. Find out who will be paying for shipping and insurance costs.
  2. Get the seller to provides a copy of the shipping documents once order has been shipped.
  3. Ask the seller to use a shipping firm that provides online tracking so that you can track the shipment too.
  4. Arrange for an inspection service if required.

Payment Method

  1. Cash/Telegraphic Transfer is the fastest way to send money to the seller, but it also has high risk when the seller defaults.
  2. Credit Card provides a better level of protection. Check with your bank for more information.
  3. Escrow services ensures buyer receives the products before payment is release to the seller. If the seller insist on a specific escrow service provider, ask why. But be sure to use trusted escrow services as they are fraudulent escrow providers too.
  4. You can also apply for a Letter of Credit from your bank for your seller.
  5. Be careful when seller asks you to use money transfer services that cannot trace the seller from the account such as Western Union.


Safety Tips for Sellers


Provide Sufficient Information About Your Products

  1. Provide clear description about your product. Include product origin, quality, grading, condition, authenticity and any relevant information the buyer may be interested.
  2. Provide pictures for your products.
  3. Provide information on warranty, exchange and return policies.
  4. Answer promptly to buyer's questions on your product and company. This will prevent misunderstandings from arising.
  5. Be careful of buyers who are not concerned with costs.
  6. Be careful with buyers with shipping addresses from countries found to be link with high incidents of fraud.

Shipping Arrangement

  1. Specify who will be paying for shipping and insurance costs.
  2. Provide the buyer a copy of the shipping documents once order has been shipped. Maintained records of all shipping documents as proof.
  3. Use a shipping firm that provides online tracking. Allow the buyer to track as well.

Payment Method

  1. Establish a timeframe with buyer, making it clear how long you will wait for payment.
  2. Cash/Telegraphic Transfer is the fastest way to receive money from buyer, and least risk of payment defaults.
  3. Be careful of credit card payment. Make sure the credit card transaction is authorised by the bank and the card is not a stolen one.
  4. Escrow services ensures seller receives payment after the buyer receives the shipment. If the buyer insist on a specific escrow service provider, ask why. But be sure to use trusted escrow services as they are fraudulent escrow providers too.



Why you should buy from Authenticated & Verified sellers


When a seller is authenticated and verified, it means that this seller is a legally registered business in his country and the contact person is employed/associated with the business on the date of authentication.


Why is this important?

We believe authenticated businesses take a long-term view to operate their business and it is to everyone's interest to act in a fair and honest way. By verifying the contact person is employed/associated with the business, you can be sure the person you are talking to represents the business. In event of any dispute, you will be able to trace the business through the country business registrar.


So is it safe to buy from any authenticated sellers?

We like to say yes, but in reality, the answer is not so straight-forward. Being authenticated means the business is legally registered and the contact person is employed/associated with the business - nothing more. It does not provide any guarantee on the business practices, nor it does not prevent any disputes from arising.

What else should I know about the seller before buying?

Being authenticated and verified is the only starting point. You should refer to the seller profile page to know more about the seller past performance, who bought from the seller, buyer reviews, who trust the seller, certifications/awards and more.

How do I know if a seller is authenticated?

It's easy. Simply do a search for the seller in our search box, and in the seller profile page. You will be able to see his authentication status and more.